A logistics specialist for 4 generations

Since the 1930s as a transport company and since 1959 as a freight forwarder, our company can look back on a total of 4 generations of expertise, reliability and flexibility in logistics services. Many years of tradition and experience in combination with innovative, future-oriented concepts create a solid basis for constant adaptation to market developments.

The history of the Maters haulage company began in Duisburg-Homberg around 1900 with a horse and cart. With two Belgian cold-blooded horses, Simon Maters drove sacks of flour in his covered wagon to the Lower Rhine.

His son Heinrich Maters laid the foundations for the company in its current form with 3 lorries and also gave his name to Heinrich Maters GmbH & Co. KG. He was actively involved in company management until the 1990s and remained closely associated with his company until his death in 1995.

Manfred Placzek, Heinrich Maters’ nephew, joined his uncle’s company in 1968 after training with a haulage company in Berlin and worked initially as a dispatcher with heart and soul before gradually following Heinrich Maters into the company management. He built up the entire international transport service, which the company had not yet offered.

Dr. Tina Placzek, Manfred Placzek’s daughter with a doctorate in logistics, has been Managing Director of the company since 2007. As a strong woman, with good knowledge of the industry and her own CE driving licence, she now runs the company with a modern, mixed fleet of vehicles and a reliable network of partners.